There are some common questions, we have answered here!

Why is the Foot & Shoe Powder better than talc, baby powder or Gold Bond?

Our Foot & Shoe Powder contains Aloe Vera Extract which improves the skin.

Can the Moisturizing Crème and Exfoliating Lotion be used all over the body?

Yes, these products can be used anywhere on the body to obtain a normal pH on all of your skin.

Will the Nail Formula work on fingernails as well?
The fungus has spread from the nails to the skin on the foot, can the Nail Formula be used on the skin?

Yes, the Nail Formula can be used directly on the skin. See the skin infection protocol for detailed usage.

Why is your Nail Formula better?

Most nail disease contains mold, yeast, bacteria and fungus. Our Nail Formula addresses all 4 pathogens. The NEW Walk Healthy Nail Formula has 2% Hydroquinone-a bleaching agent, 1% Myconazole Nitrate-an anti-fungal agent and 4% Thymol another anti-fungal.

How does Arnica Ice Soothing Gel compare to Biofreeze?

Biofreeze is Menthol which cools areas. Arnica is used world wide for bruising, swelling post injury to muscle, tendon, joint arthritis and surgery. Camphor has been added for the cooling effect reducing pain.

I think aluminum works best in foot powders. Why doesn’t the Foot & Shoe Powder contain aluminum?

The Foot & Shoe Powder contains a starch instead of aluminum. The acid mantle delivery requires that the Deodorizing Drying Spray containing potassium alum will seal the pores and a powder is used to close the pores, 250 thousand on the bottom of each foot, and continue to absorb moisture to do this a starch is required.

I thought Formaldehyde killed everything. Why should I use the Shoe & Insole Hygienic Refresher Spray?

The flip answer is yes, formaldehyde kills everything …including people. Seriously, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. On the other hand, our product contains Triclosan as its active ingredient. Triclosan has been proven to be an extremely safe and effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. In lower doses, triclosan could be used in your toothpaste.

How much urea does the Exfoliating Lotion contain? The exfoliating lotion I currently use contains 40% urea.

Actually, urea is not really an exfoliant, it is a humectant. Humectants attract moisture to the skin’s surface. An effective exfoliating lotion will contain a balance of a true exfoliant and a humectant. Our Exfoliating Lotion contains 12% lactic acid (the maximum allowed OTC) as the exfoliant and 10% urea. This balanced combination works together to slough off the dead skin (lactic acid) and draw needed moisture to soften the skin (urea).

Most exfoliants have a grit or sandy texture in them. Why doesn’t your Exfoliating Lotion contain this?

There are two types of exfoliating action: chemical and mechanical. Our Exfoliating Lotion is a chemical exfoliant using lactic acid. Lactic acid loosens the bonds between cells to help remove the thick, dry, dead layer of skin. It is recommended that our Exfoliating Lotion be used overnight. This extended time period allows for the lactic acid to perform its action without the need of employing grit or sand as a mechanical exfoliant.

My patient says that the Walk Healthy Pad does not stick to their foot. Does the patient have hyperhidrosis, acidic skin and did not use a Deodorizing Drying Spray first?

Use the Deodorizing Drying Spray first then apply the pad and finally use the Foot & Shoe Powder.

My products look a little different - what’s going on?

We are currently rebranding and have signed to a new production facility. The products may look a little bit different but you can trust that we will continue to deliver quality products to you.